Installation Design and Projection Mapping for the immersive installation held on the Dulwich Picture Gallery Norweigen Nights Late. Acting as a response to Harald Sohlberg’s paintings, Andante combines a Virtual Reality experience with projection mapping and a soundscape produced from four-channel audio. The experience explores a mystical perspective of nature that was core to many of Sohlberg’s beloved paintings.

Installation Design 
Projection Mapping

Year 2019

Client Dulwich Picture Gallery


Installation Design /

The installation space was designed to work alongside the Virtual Reality experience. Drawing inspiration from Sohlberg’s paintings ‘Noittet 2’ and ‘Oslo vista de Akershus’, the lighting of the space was focused recreating the soft ambience of a Norweigen evening in Spring. Using RGBA floor lights to create a specific amber glow, the concept of the installation was to emulate a time transition from a spring evening to the VR visuals of cool, blue Norwegian night.


Projection Mapping /

The projection mapping was designed to bring a fully immersive experience within the room. Drawing deeply from Sohlberg’s passion for nature, the visuals mimic the movement of clouds. The audience had the opportunity to experience the soft, shifting ceiling as they waited in line for the VR experience. Included in the space were sounds that were recorded from nature.